The latest free download is version 1.1, released on 04/07/2015, for Windows XP/7/8.

A Powerful, Free Utility for Desktop Productivity and Privacy (on Windows)

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WindowTangler is a powerful, free utility for organizing and controlling groups of windows on your desktop. It allows you to set up hot keys or timers to hide or show different types of windows, freeing up precious desktop space and removing distractions from your daily workflow.

Take a moment to think about how your Windows desktop looks on a daily basis. If you're like most people, it's probably covered with a variety of disorganized windows, many of which can be very distracting when you're trying to get work done! With WindowTangler, you can...

Specify groups of windows based on your own personal use...

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WindowTangler looks at the title of desktop windows, so you can always add whichever specific programs make sense on your system.

Create custom hot keys to show or hide those groups of windows instantly...

WindowTangler Screenshot

WindowTangler registers hot keys globally, so you can be working in any other program when you press the configured key combination.

Create timers to instantly show or hide your groups of windows during busy hours...

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Visibility timers are a unique WindowTangler feature, aimed at providing a productivity window (no pun intended!) to let you focus on your work.

Create global hot keys to control system-wide events...

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In addition to managing specific windows and groups, you can set up hot keys to instantly do large operations (like show/hide all desktop windows.)

Access everything from a simple, intuitive tray menu...

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WindowTangler runs well minimized to the system tray, allowing quick access to its features through menus or hot keys.

Sounds neat, but what does all that actually mean for you?

Put simply, WindowTangler gives you more control over your desktop. Here are some examples of things you might want to try with it:

- You can easily configure a window group called "Web Browsers", along with a hot key to toggle their visibility at once. Now, anytime you want to avoid the distracting world of e-mail or social networks, a single, global key press will instantly put all of your web browser windows out of sight, out of mind! Press the key combination again and they'll pop right back into view.

- If you don't like using hot keys, you can do the same thing as above just by right-clicking on the WindowTangler tray icon and picking which group to instantly show or hide.

- Similar to the examples above, you can also create a timer to hide a window group (such as "Web Browsers") for a fixed duration, like say 30 minutes when you'd like to focus intensely on work. Once the timer is up (or you cancel it), they'll magically re-appear!

The best way to see what the program can do to is to just try it out for yourself. If you don't like it, just uninstall it and move along!


Is it really free? What's the catch?

Yes, WindowTangler is completely free and unlimited, without adware, malware, bundled add-ons or anything of the sort. I wrote this program to enhance my own productivity, and decided that others might find it useful. The original release a long while back was intended to have a purchase price associated with it, but I've decided to re-release it as freeware instead.

Let me repeat, the program is completely free, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything to use it in it's fully unlocked and functional form.

That said, if you do find the program to be useful (like I do!), you're more than welcome to purchase what I've called a "support license." Consider it similar to a donation or "thank you" in that you will not receive anything tangible, but you'll be encouraging future development on the project, and we'll also make a specific effort to offer additional technical support (via e-mail) in terms of using the program in case you need it. If you would like to purchase a support license, select your own purchase price using the link below:

Before continuing, keep in mind this optional purchase form is for a "support license", which is similar to a donation.
You will not gain any extra features or tangible goods, nor are refunds available. Thank you for your support!

Choose your own price:

And finally, whether you purchase a license or not, a great way to support this program is to share it with your friends! Send them the link, or send us a testimonial if you find it useful. To contact us, simply e-mail us at Thanks for reading, and enjoy! To see our other product offerings, visit Solid Eight Studios.