PhotoTangler Collage Maker 2.0 Support FAQ

On this page, we provide answers to common questions related to PhotoTangler for desktop computers. If your question is not answered on this page, please .

What are the minimum system requirements to run PhotoTangler? And what would be ideal?

PhotoTangler 2 should run on any major version of Windows (XP/7/8/10), as long as the graphics card supports OpenGL 3.0. That version of the OpenGL standard was introduced over 8 years ago (2008), and nearly any modern computer should support it "out of the box." If for any reason your computer doesn't appear to, you may wish to check with the manufacturer and/or update your graphics drivers to the latest version. We've tried to keep the graphics requirements as low as possible, but some of the advanced processing done in the application requires use of sophisticated features that are only available in more modern versions of OpenGL.

As far as ideal requirements, the better the graphics card in your computer, the better the performance should be. A good gaming rig, for example, should run PhotoTangler extremely well. For most common uses however, PhotoTangler should run well on average consumer hardware. If you're having problems with performance, please let us know (along with the specs of your computer.)

When I start the program it says that OpenGL 3.0 is required, how do I update the graphics drivers?

If you believe your computer should support OpenGL 3.0 (most modern computers should) but you get that startup message, you can try the following steps to update your graphics driver:
  • 1) Go to Start Menu, then open the Control Panel.
  • 2) In the search box at the top right, type "Device Manager" Click on that.
  • 3) Expand / double-click "Display adapters" (or some equivalent in the list)
  • 4) Right-click on your display adapter, and select "Update Driver Software."
  • If you know the manufacturer of your graphics card, such as NVIDIA or ATI/AMD, you may wish to install the drivers they make available on their own web sites through the support links.

    Is it OK to install PhotoTangler 2 alongside PhotoTangler 1, or do I need to uninstall it first?

    You should be able to have both versions installed simultaneously. They should basically appear as two completely separate programs on your system. The new one will show up by default in a folder marked as "PhotoTangler 2", so it won't overwrite the old one unless you specifically choose the same location on purpose.

    After purchasing PhotoTangler online, how do I unlock the full version? Will I receive a physical CD?

    PhotoTangler is available as a digital download only. Due to cost and convenience at this time, we do not ship any physical CDs or other media. The way it works is that you download the free trial. Once you decide to purchase a license, an e-mail will be sent to you with an Authentication Code and a Registration Key tied to your specific order. When you run the program, you should see a button to "Unlock" the software. Enter the registration details you received, and you should have the fully activated version of the software ready to go instantly. If at any time you need to re-install the software or switch to another computer, just repeat this process on your new system and it should work the same.

    What if unlocking fails? Why are there two registration codes?

    The only known situation where unlocking PhotoTangler appears to fail, is when a user is trying to unlock the older release (version 1) of PhotoTangler using a code they purchased for version 2. The two versions use completely different registration code systems, and therefore are not transferable. You can check which version you're running using the "Help" menu, followed by "About..."

    We currently only sell and support the latest release (version 2) of PhotoTangler through this web site, but unfortunately we've been made aware of some cases where other, unrelated web sites still provide version 1 of our older trial download while linking to our current web site for purchasing the code for version 2. Again, that will not work. If you downloaded PhotoTangler from a site other than this one, please where so we can ask them to either remove or upgrade it. If the situation above is what happened for you, there are a couple options to consider:
  • You can download the latest free trial of version 2 from this web site to use instead.
  • Or, if you really prefer the older version (or version 2 doesn't work on your computer), please contact us and we can tell you how to convert your existing order into a code that works for version 1. It's important to note however that version 1 is no longer supported or maintained. This option is only ideal in special circumstances, as version 2 should offer a much more complete set of features.
  • If neither version works to your liking, and you already purchased a key directly through this web site, you can contact us to discuss a refund.

    Are there any training videos or tutorials for using PhotoTangler?

    We intend to make more training materials available to help illustrate some of the advanced features. Hopefully, most of the basics are self-explanatory. We do however offer a series of basic training videos that are available via this playlist.

    Will PhotoTangler be available for Mac or Linux desktops?

    PhotoTangler 2 for OS X is now available on the iTunes App Store. The Linux version is available on our site here.

    If you purchase(d) PhotoTangler, what upgrades are you eligible for?

    If you purchased PhotoTangler for Windows before the launch of PhotoTangler 2.0 (27 June 2016), you may be eligible for a free upgrade to the new release. To redeem this offer, visit here.

    Going forward, purchasing PhotoTangler entitles you to free updates released with the same major version number. More specifically, new purchasers of PhotoTangler 1.x (after the aforementioned date) will not be able to acquire version 2.0 for free. New purchasers of version 2.x will be eligible for updates until a hypothetical version 3 is released. For the foreseeable future however, we intend to continue releasing updates primarily in the 2.x series, meaning new purchasers will get all of those updates for free. There are no official plans to move up to version 3 at this time, but if we decide to develop one someday in the future, there may be additional discounts for upgrading later on.

    Please note that upgrade eligibility is valid for the core software only. Future add-ons, such as additional image effect packs, may still cost extra.

    What's the best way to keep up with new releases and special offers?

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