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Noel Llopis recently posted a review of “The Business of iPhone and iPad App Development”, a book I read (first edition) shortly before launching my own app. His conclusions about it are pretty similar to my own, in that it’s nothing groundbreaking, but has a lot of good, practical advice. There were definitely parts that seemed out of place, such as code snippets in sections that didn’t really require any technical explanation, but overall it was a solid read.

The book contains little nuggets that developers new to the platform may not’ve considered, such as whether it’s better for certain apps to have a separate Lite version versus a single free version (with in-app purchases.) Another example I appreciated was a section about the length of an app’s name. During development I hadn’t considered that “PhotoTangler Lite” doesn’t fit in it’s entirety on the iPhone home screen, so I used the little trick where both versions are called “PhotoTangler”, with the “Lite” banner placed on the icon itself. Granted that’s a common practice these days, but having little pointers to details like that is certainly handy. I also found the book’s list of news and review sites useful when it came to publicizing my app.

If you’re looking to sell apps of your own, I definitely think it’s worth checking out.

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